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Pragmatophobia (2014) -

by Alan Butler

This website brings together a live video feed from the International Space Station HD Earth Viewing Experiment (which is currently accessible via, and a random cross-section of Tweets that contain the phrase “i had a dream”.

This work will last as long as the ISS HD Earth Viewing Experiment is accessible in this way.

Recommended viewing: Full Screen or ‘Presentation Mode’ on Chrome (⇧⌘F on OSX, F11 on Win).



Why is the video image Black?
ISS is on the night side of the Earth.

Why is the video image Grey?
Switching between cameras, or communication with the ISS is not available.

How often are the Tweets updated?
The Tweets are updated in almost realtime. However, a maximum of 20 random Tweets (per language) will be refreshed every few minutes. If there are no new Tweets appearing in a particular language, then it is likely that no one has recently posted any Tweets about their dream.

Does this work on my mobile/tablet device?
It probably doesn’t work on your mobile/tablet device.

Where are the tweets about dreams in my language?
New languages will be added from time to time.